VOLstate changes its name to “RevTel”

VOLstate changes its name to “RevTel”

20 years ago  VOLstate opened our doors offering Internet services to residential and business clients.  Over the years, VOLstate began providing more types of I.T. services, and in 2008, we became a local phone company offering a cloud-based PBX system – we branded that product “RevTel”.  VOLstate also started an online data backup service we branded “DataStash”.

VOLstate has made a decision to transfer all of our services under the “RevTel” name.  Today we announce that this process is now complete,  and we are now “RevTel”. 

The new brand reflects what we do.  We are no longer just an “ISP”, although providing Internet connections is a big part of our business.  We are not just a “phone company”, although providing local phone service and long distance service is a big part of our business.  We are not just a “data backup” company, although providing data backup and disaster recovery services are a big part of our business.  We are not just an “IT management” company, although providing managed IT services is a big part of our business.  Lastly, we are now also a “cloud company” and “cloud services” are becoming a large part of our business.

The fact is we can’t possibly brand each of these services as a stand-alone brand any longer.  These services make a package.  Businesses need one or all of these services and the beauty of RevTel is that they can get them all from one company.  “One throat to choke” is one of the funny descriptions I’ve heard from potential customers when they “get it” that all of these related services are available from us.  For a new customer it is quite a relief to realize that they don’t have to waste time with one vendor blaming another when something is broken with their critical business communications and IT services.  They call us.  We fix it.  We don’t blame the other vendor, we don’t have a call center in India, and we are happy to take the responsibility for managing your business infrastructure.

For our loved customers please be assured that you will always get the same service level you have expected from us.  Only the name has changed, not the people.  For our potential customers, let’s have a conversation about how we can help you.