It Is Our Mission To Help You Fulfill Yours.


David Snyder

Founder & CEO

David has 20 years of experience in a vast array of small business and enterprise business Information networks.


Donna Snyder

Project Manager

Donna is able to identify issues quickly and assign the correct resources to get those issues solved with the least amount of impact on our customers.


Mary Pendergrass

Sales Representative

Mary enjoys working with people to get to know them and their needs and to help find solutions to increase their productivity through the technical services that we provide.


Andrew Kervin

Senior Technician & Systems Administrator

Every RevTel client appreciates the expertise that Andrew brings to their technical issues. His years of experience in computer hardware, software, and OS systems allow him to solve problems quickly.


Trent Snyder

Network Engineer

Trent designs and implements the network at RevTel. This includes the “core” network as well as our many customers' sites. He also assists customers in their network designs and helps them implement solutions that solve their problems.


Kenneth Coleman

Network Adminstrator

Kenneth is first responder to customer's technical issues. Our RevTel clients enjoy 24/7 monitoring of their Internet connections and networks, and Kenneth receives text alerts from your monitored systems 24 hours per day for fast response to your issues.


Everett Snyder

I.T. Support Technician

Everett is ``boots on the ground`` to the customer premise for our client's onsite technical needs - from installation of equipment to running cable and fiber, Everett gives our clients the I.T. support they need.