Ransomware – What it is, and how you can protect yourself.

Ransomware – What it is, and how you can protect yourself.

Hands in the air, this is a STICK UP!  We hope you’ve never heard those words before.  More likely than not, you’ve heard them in a movie, tv show, or commercial and the “bad guys” are trying to get some money from a bank, gas station, diner, you name it.  BUT have you ever thought about that same exact thing happening to your data at work? Today we are going to talk about the act and the solution we call Ransomware. 


Ransom is defined as a sum of money, or other payment demanded for the release of a prisoner.  In this case the prisoners are your multiple, important, and confidential business files and info.  The trick is that hackers get into your system and encrypt all of your info in hopes that they can get a payment from you for the safe return of the information.


How does this happen?  The thieves will send a carefully crafted email in order to trick you or your employees into going to a website or opening a file attachment.  That website or file will next take advantage of unpatched or as of yet not publicly known flaws in your operating system software to encrypt your files.  Only the thieves have they key to unlock your files and the only way to unlock them is to get that key.  Usually the bad guys will give you 24 – 48 hours to pay up – in a digital currency called “bitcoin”.


Now you’re probably wondering as to how we can help.  RevTel’s solution  keeps your valuable business information, files, and operating system safely in our cloud.  Your data is backed up a minimum of 3 times per day and replicated off-site once a day.  The operating system is kept current with all patches on a daily basis.  Employees that may have infected computers are not actually “touching” your data with those devices.  Email is filtered and virus checked with virus scanners updated every hour.  RevTel cloud users are protected from the scourge of ransomware with multiple layers of security.  Also – if the worse happens and you STILL get infected it isn’t a big deal…. We simply restore your data and you are up and running with just a minor inconvenience.

If your business uses email you need to have a strategy to address this growing threat.  You can reach out to us today, and we will schedule a free evaluation to see if RevTel is a good fit for your business to keep you protected, and running smoothly.