Fixed Wireless Expansion in Dayton

Fixed Wireless Expansion in Dayton

RevTel extends fixed wireless network in Dayton.
Fixed Wireless Tower

New Fixed Wireless Tower

About a year ago my company deployed a pilot project utilizing fixed wireless broadband technology in downtown Dayton.  Many downtown businesses are benefiting from this technology – offering very fast Internet at a reliability point that is MUCH higher than the local cable company or big phone company DSL connections.

At the time I told a few early adopters that RevTel was “sticking its toe in the wireless waters”.  I am pleased to report that not only was our newest pilot project an outstanding success, but we are, as of today, now about “waste deep” in the wireless waters.  I invite my customers, present and future to “come on in, the water is fine”.

About 15 years ago we had tried a similar pilot project in downtown Dayton with just “OK” results.  Seeing that fixed wireless at that time wasn’t the right solution for our customers, we abandoned that project.  What a difference 15 years makes in technology!  Back then our wireless pilot project reached maximum speed of about 200kbps and suffered from cobbled together solutions from various manufacturers to make it all work.  A fixed wireless ISP deployment wasn’t really the focus of vendor equipment back in those days, so a “WISP” (Wireless ISP) usually was associated with slower speeds and also had the stigma of being more of a hobby and curiosity rather than a service suitable for business use.

We have just completed installation of our newest WISP tower in Dayton. From this new location we can now reach most business addresses in Dayton!  This means that, for the first time, Dayton small businesses now have a much better connectivity option than Cable service or DSL service.  Local businesses will benefit because fixed wireless  is much more reliable, features far less latency, and comes bundled with expert and LOCAL technical support from experts right here in Dayton.  And, of course, you can get our local phone service bundled with this new technology at great prices.

As we finish up testing and configuration we will soon be rolling out this new product to Dayton businesses.  If you want to see if your business will benefit from this new service, please contact us today.