Fax and Internet Fax

Finally, Reliable fax and IP fax for VoIP.

If your company uses cloud solutions like Hosted PBX, VoIP, Sip Trunks, or any kind of voice service that relies on your Internet connection, you probably experience frustration with faxing. Without proper “Quality of Service” (QoS) controls, faxing over the public Internet is a hit-or-miss prospect.  Sometimes it works, but often it fails resulting in wasted time, wasted effort, and reduced profits for your business. If you are a medical professional, you also have to be sure your faxes are secure.  Fax-to-email systems and electronic faxing are great, but you have to be sure they meet strict HIPPA requirements for your practice.  An fax to email solution delivers your fax to your email box leading to HIPPA questions.  Is that email box secure?  Where is that email hosted?

At RevTel, we are fax-over-Internet experts.  We have 2 distinct fax products that meet your needs to enjoy the benefits of VoIP without the pain of VoIP fax problems.

Our IP-Faxing product gives you a fax phone number, a fax driver for your computer allowing you to send faxes from your PC, access to our RevTel phone portal allowing you to send and receive faxes from the web, and the option to receive your faxes as attachments to your email.  This is a highly reliable and painless way to deal with faxing on your VoIP system.

Alternatively, with our  RevTel fax service, you could also continue to use your trusty old fax machine or your new  multi-function copy/fax/scanner device and not have to buy an expensive POTS (“Plain Old Telephone Service”) line from the “Big Phone Company”. How? RevTel can send you a special “ATA” (Analog Telephone Adapter) that is specifically designed for faxing. You can keep your current phone number, or we will assign you a new one.  Your faxing on your fax machine will work just as reliably as with a POTS line with one major difference – it will save you money!

Our fax lines are just $30 per month.  Compare that with an $85 per month charge from AT&T, Verizon, Centurylink or any other traditional phone company POTS line and you can see how this can help your company.

Our fax service is available in just about every location in the United States.  Contact us today to discuss your fax needs.