What happened to VOLstate?

Nothing! We are still here – the same company and management you have been dealing with for almost 20 years. We changed our brand to “RevTel.net” to better reflect our business as it is today.

What about my @volstate.net email. Will that Change?

No, your email address and email will work as it always does.

Did you get bought by another company?


Did anything else change?

We have added and emphasized services that we currently offer. Please browse our site to find out more.

When was RevTel founded?

RevTel was founded as “Volunteer State Internet” in 1996 by David and Donna Snyder. Shortly after its founding we changed the name to “VOLstate” because it was shorter and easier to remember, and matched our domain name.

Didn’t you used to be a residential ISP?

Yes, we started as a dialup ISP in the infancy of the public use of the Internet.

Do you still offer residential service?

No, we stopped taking residential customers in 2007.

What are your current products?

We offer businesses and organizations Internet service, private networks, managed Information Technology Services, (outsourced IT department), data backup, hosted virtual servers, hosted virtual desktops, IT hardware sales and service.

What about your voice services?

We are a State certified CLEC and offer a wide variety of phone and voice services. Our most popular product is our RevTel hosted PBX that allows businesses to avoid the expense of a phone system.

Do you sell phone lines?

Sure, we sell traditional phone lines as well as a T1, PRI and SIP Trunks. We can support any phone system your business has and be your local phone company.

Do you support Fax Lines?

YES. We have a specific VoIP fax product that works with any traditional fax device. The technology is fantastic as a stand alone fax line for your existing VoIP system (even if it isn’t ours) or as part of our integrated package.

Do you support e-faxing?

YES. We have “desktop faxing” as well as being able to view inbound faxes in your email . You can also send faxes from your computer or smart phone.

Does your faxing meet HIPPA requirements?

YES. Our fax solution does the proper encryption and protection of your patients health information to help you meet your HIPPA requirements.

Can I get phone numbers from different cities?

Sure, we can give you phone number(s) in practically any city in the United States. This means your customers can dial a local number to them to reach you in any location.

Do you offer “@mycompany.com” email addresses?

Yes. Any business needs their own email domain and we are happy to set this up for you.

What about just using a free email account?

That is fine as long as you don’t mind advertisers and AI harvesting your email for ad delivery. Also, you are not advertising your business when you use that email, you are advertising the vendor (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo,etc)

What about spam and virus filtering?

We filter for spam and viruses and constantly update the filter databases.

Does your email support multiple devices and synchronization?

Yes, our system will keep your devices in sync.

Where is your service footprint?

We provide service primarily in the “423” area code. However, we can provide private network service to any location throughout the United Sates. So, if you have multiple locations we are your vendor.