Private Network and VPN

Don’t settle for an expensive VPN.

Do you have multiple locations across town, across the region or across the United States?  Are you unsatisfied with the high cost and low performance of your VPN?  Put our network to work for you. RevTel’s existing interconnections combined with our experience and know-how allow us to create site-to-site private networks leveraging the best elements from multiple vendors into one solution, managed by us, with a single bill to pay.

For example, RevTel has engineered a Private Network for one of our largest clients that utilizes RevTel’s own fiber optic network for some locations, as well as the networks of AT&T, Charter, Ringgold Telephone, and EPB of Chattanooga to create a fast, fiber-connected network linking all its locations—saving thousands of dollars every month and utilizing RevTel as a single vendor point of contact.  In addition to that, many clients experience dramatic performance increases as we are able to make a true private network wan, bypassing performance hitting vpn technologies.

Be a hero! Imagine what your boss will say when you save your enterprise thousands or tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Replace your expensive, legacy network from the “Big Phone Company” with our modern and expertly managed interconnected network. RevTel has capacity already in place and can efficiently sell you some of our capacity, rather than you buying your own.

No matter where you are, we can connect your locations and provide you with a unified, cloud- or fiber-based communication system and phones—single extension dialing across the hall or across the country.

Let’s have a conversation about how RevTel VPN can help your business today.