RevTel offers business Internet options.

From dial-up to DSL to microwave to fiber optic, the RevTel staff has been there from the early days of the Internet. We started offering Chattanooga Internet service way back in 1996 and now offer every conceivable way to connect your business to the world. We are one of the few Internet Service Providers in the Southeast with that level of experience.  With offices in Dayton and Cleveland our local technical support experts are able to offer in person support when your business needs it.

In addition to our experience, another RevTel advantage is that we provide all our own customer support, tech support and service. We don’t contract your service out to a huge, impersonal call center halfway around the world. When you contact us for help, it will be Andrew or Trent or Kenneth or Everett, or Donna or any of the other trained and experienced RevTel staff, who will answer your call and stay in touch until the problem is solved.

RevTel can provide all the same services that the big phone and cable companies offer, but we also know how to put that technology to use for your business. We specialize in person-to-person customer service; to us you will never be just an account number.

We have all the Internet options:

  • Fiber-based services up to 1 gbps.
  • DSL services up to 75mbps.
  • T1 and bonded T1 services up to 4.5mbps.
  • Wireless service up to 100mbps.

Further, we can help you with becoming “multi-homed”—giving your computer network the ability to automatically select the fastest, most reliable Internet service from among multiple Internet connections.

Let’s have a conversation on your business Internet needs or for more information on RevTel’s many business services.