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You probably aren’t in the business of managing IT. You are in the business of servicing your customers and making money. Any time you spend worrying about IT issues is time you are not focusing on your core business.

See if some of these IT headaches ring a bell:

  • You forgot to back up your desktop or network server
  • You left that important contract on your desk
  • Your server got hacked and private customer information has been stolen
  • Your presentation won’t run on the customer’s computer because it’s an older version of the software
  • Your laptop crashed or was stolen and you lost important customer data
  • You need to work from the hotel’s business center but its computers don’t have the right software

Do you have a headache yet?

What if you could take your Windows desktop, your files and your applications with you wherever you went and access them from virtually any device—desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone? What if your data was always available, always synced, always backed up, always protected from power outages, viruses and hackers?

True virtual desktop technology is finally here. The benefits of using an online desktop are significant: You can cut your IT costs (and headaches) and boost data security while increasing productivity with anywhere, anytime access. No need to spend money buying PCs every few years and avoid the hassle of managing them on an ongoing basis. With virtual desktops, no matter where you go your Windows desktop will be there.

Your traditional windows desktop is seamlessly replaced with a virtual Windows desktop. What’s amazing is that the difference in the experience between the two platforms is nearly indistinguishable. Once you experience the Windows virtual desktop solution, there will be no turning back.

RevTel has almost two decades of experience in managing and supporting corporate IT infrastructure. In fact, we are one of the oldest companies of our type in the Southeast. We offer low-priced online desktop plans without any long-term contracts and no setup fees. We also provide 24/7 service via email and phone.

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