Online Data Backup

Back up your data. Before you wish you had.

It’s not a question of “will you lose your data?” — It’s “when?” Whether it’s a hard-drive crash‚ stolen laptop‚ operator error‚ PC virus or water damage to your server‚ you WILL eventually lose data. You can’t effectively run your business without that vital information. Losing your data could be devastating—unless you have Datastash from RevTel.

Onsite external or removable hard drives are good‚ but what if you have a fire? Years of hard work and information could go up in smoke. You can always try data recovery after the fact‚ but that could cost up to $5‚000‚ and there are no guarantees.

Datastash is an affordable‚ reliable backup solution for protecting all your important information. Worried about protecting your proprietary information from your competitors? Datastash is encrypted and secure. There are no limits to file size or network speeds.

Let’s face it‚ data backup is one of the last things you want to be worrying about day to day. That’s where RevTel and its Datastash service come in. We think about data backup and restoration all the time. Datastash has been providing Southeastern businesses with worry-free backup solutions for more than a decade. Wouldn’t you rather sleep soundly at night‚ rather than lying awake trying to remember when you last backed up your customer database? Datastash will allow you to sleep soundly.

Our solutions at RevTel for data backup are designed to fit YOUR business needs. From basic online backup and recovery‚ to specially designed backups that allow us to meet a “RTO” or “Recovery Time Objective” in minutes or hours rather than days. Some of our solutions offer nearly instant data recovery in the event of a disaster.

Call us today to get your company’s data safe and secure with DataStash.