Work From Any Device‚ Anywhere‚ Anytime!

If your business is like ours‚ you are noticing a new trend. You have lots of devices. Your employees have lots of devices. You like to work from lots of places. You may waste a lot of time juggling all of these “workspaces” around. You are also at greater risk of data loss, software compliance problems‚ theft of company data‚ viruses and malware‚ and unauthorized access to your precious data!

At RevTel we have a solution to these problems that allow you and your employees to work from any device at any time from anywhere—even a public library computer. Your data and your personal workspace are always the same‚ and you pick up right where you left off.

Our hosted virtual servers offer lower equipment costs‚ greater flexibility and increased security over maintaining your own dedicated server. Your data is protected by multiple backups‚ high-level encryption and sophisticated anti-hacking protocols.

In addition to cloud servers, RevTel also offers hosted virtual desktops and apps. Your entire IT experience can be cloud-based‚ allowing you to work wherever and whenever you want. Desktops and applications are streamed but never stored on user devices so the risk of losing data on stolen‚ compromised or lost devices is reduced.

Let one of our customer service representatives explain how RevTel’s Cloud services can benefit your bottom line.