Billing Portal Information

RevTel is a division of Slappey Communications and as of February 1st, 2021, a new billing portal must be accessed to view your invoices and payment history, pay invoices or setup auto-pay, and add or view your service tickets.

Below are links to access both the old billing portal to view billing information before February 2021 and the new billing portal for billing information after February 2021. Please note: if you have not created an account for the new billing portal, click the link below, “New Billing Portal” then click “Request Account”.



Below are links to detailed instructions for setting up your billing portal:

Step 1:

Create your login credentials.  Click Here then click the button, “Request Account”.

Step 2:

Setup your payment method.  For detailed instructions, Click Here.

Step 3:

View and pay invoices. For detailed instructions, Click Here.

Step 4: Optional

To automatically have your invoices paid each month, configure your “Autopay” settings. For detailed instructions, Click Here.