About us

There is No Substitute for Experience.

RevTel is one of the oldest and most experienced Internet service companies in the Southeast.   From its founding in 1996 as a dial-up Internet provider, RevTel has always focused on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. As a small business ourselves, we know your need to be competitive and innovative while still protecting the bottom line.

Under the same ownership and management throughout its 20-year existence, RevTel has thrived in a constantly changing environment, and we can help your business thrive as well. We have seen competitors, fads and gadgets come and go, and we have the experience, technology and customer service to give you the technological edge of a large business with the wallet of a small business.

It is our mission to help you fulfill yours.

The business environment of the post-recession 21st century is highly competitive and rapidly changing. In order to survive you must adapt, increase efficiency and reduce costs. The right technology from RevTel can help you accomplish all three goals. We are achieving all three of those goals ourselves at RevTel; let us help you achieve them as well.

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