Connectivity (Fiber, DSL, T1, and more)

Fiber is just the start. We are the Swiss Army Knife of Internet Options.

The foundation for a good technology solution starts with a solid Internet connection. is a veteran Internet Service Provider. We have provided Internet service since 1996 and now offer every conceivable way to connect your business to the world. The key in selecting the right connection (or more than one connection) is to find a provider that can offer you multiple ways to connect to the Internet at a price that is right.

We have all the options:

  • Fiber based services up to 1 gig.
  • DSL services up to 75 mbps.
  • T1 and bonded T1 services up to 4.5 mbps.
  • Wireless service up to 100 mbps.
  • 4g and Cellular backup links

Further‚ we can help you with becoming “multi-homed” — giving your computer network the ability to automatically select the fastest‚ most reliable Internet service from among multiple Internet connections.