Email Services

Let’s face it; we have come to take email as much for granted as the telephone. Everybody does email for business‚ with it first becoming popular for business in the mid-1990s‚ right about the same time that RevTel was born. Mention email and many young people will just yawn‚ what with texting‚ Twitter and Instagram. But email is still the lifeblood of business‚ and you need email services that reflect your professionalism and your commitment to your business and its customers.

The first step is to get your own email domain—“” email addresses. This only costs a few dollars a year and is essential for any digital marketing. We’d be happy to help you choose a domain name and set it up for you.

RevTel email services offer all the features of other email hosts‚ but we provide the 24/7 email and phone support that most other companies don’t.

Our email services support the standard POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail protocols. We offer first-class spam and virus filtering and constantly update the filter databases. Your email is available from any Internet-accessible device and will be constantly in-sync.

Email isn’t glamorous‚ but it is vital for business. Let us help you get the most bang for your email buck.

Ask us for a quote on your email needs or for more information on RevTel’s many business services.