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About Us

RevTel is the integrated communications product from‚ the local leader for cutting edge technology solutions. Founded in 1996‚ VOLstate is one of the oldest service providers in the region. Over the years‚ the company has remained relevant by adding services needed by our customers.

Our company maintains the most robust connectivity in the area‚ offering our customers peace of that their network is maintained by seasoned veterans who care about each customer by name.

VOLstate uses redundant builds — connecting to multiple sources for Internet connectivity over a geographically diverse path. Our network is built on fault-tolerance and is able to re-route around outages.

Ask us. We would love to explain how this build keeps your business running even while others that use the “Big Phone Company” may be down and out!

VOLstate has a long history of success and innovation.

1996 — Company is founded by current CEO, David Snyder.
1997 — VOLstate becomes the first to offer ISDN digital access in our area.
1999 — VOLstate begins offering High Speed ADSL service to our customers.
2001 — VOLstate celebrates five years in business.
2002 — VOLstate begins offering business network management services.
2003 — VOLstate launches‚ one of the first online backup services.
2005 — VOLstate becomes first company to offer affordable T1 service in the local area.
2006 — VOLstate becomes a Certified Microsoft Partner.
2007 — VOLstate begins offering private networking and Metro Ethernet services.
2008 — VOLstate launches the RevTel hosted PBX product.
2011 — VOLstate celebrates 15 years in business.
2013 — VOLstate begins building fiber in our home town.
2014 — VOLstate continues building out fiber GPON network in Dayton.

There will no doubt be new innovations that will help our core market in the years to come. Rest assured that VOLstate is committed to bringing your business the best technology‚ service‚ and support to help you increase profits.

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